Sunday, November 7, 2010

More Pictures from the MTC

Jake sent some more pictures last week so I'll be posting them throughout this week. Some are from the MTC and there are also some from his new life in Arcadia. Also, an excerpt from a recent letter:

"Things are pretty good here in California. I finally feel like I am getting the hang of things. My Spanish is still not so good but it's coming along. I hear you guys are getting some snow. I am not missingthe cold at all. I have no idea when I leave to Mexico or how much notice I will get, but it's all good. I am here and that's what matters for now."

Here are some of the photos. Most of the ones with other missionaries were taken on his last night in the MTC. Captions were writted by Jake.

 Last temple visit before leaving Provo.

Sleepover in the MTC.

More sleepover in the MTC.

District picture with Hermano Teerlink (far right, one of our teachers).

Me and Hermano Teerlink

Me and Elder Wright

Me and Elder Miso

District Picture, Last Sunday at the MTC

Me and Elder Spilker

Me and Elder Valle

Me and Elder Gomez

Elder Johnson and me. He came in after me but is going to the Monterrey West Mission too.

Me and Elder Christensen

Me and Elder Meason

Me and Elder Phillips

Me and Elder Adair

Me and Elder Hatfield

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