Monday, November 28, 2011

Best Baptism Yet

Well, things are going good. We had a bit of a tough week as a zone but we also had some really cool blessings here in my area.

First was the baptism that we had. Ricardo, the guy I told you guys about a couple weeks ago got baptized...after 8 years! It was soooo cool. I think it was the best baptism I have had in the mission. There were more people in the baptism than in sacrament meeting (ha ha). It was packed, even with people that didn't really know him. The spirit was so strong that I would say at least 50% of the people started crying at some point. It made the hard week worth it.
This week we knocked and knocked and knocked some more and we didn't have any success. It was one of the hardest weeks I have had in months. We really started focusing on being as obedient as possible and kept working...which was super hard when we hit Friday and Saturday nights and still nothing, but we kept knocking. After everything we ended up with no one new at church. We were kinda bumbed but the baptism we had did help a little. Then at about 6 we got a call from the Monterrey East Mission. They told us that someone from their ward was leaving on his mission a week from this Wednesday and that his girlfriend wants him to baptize her before he goes (a.k.a. this Sunday) but she lives in our area. The missionaries there already taught here a little and she has been to church a ton of times. So all we have to do is finish teaching her and there ya have it. We are going to baptize after all. Just goes the show that the Lord always pays up--haha.
I put some pics of the baptism and a sugar skull from the Day of the Dead that I had and also what I did to the cover of my planner.. I think it looks pretty cool.
I love you guys. thanks for everything. Have a good week.
Elder K

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Baptisms and Zone Conference

Well it's been a good week. We had two baptisms yesterday, Martha and her daughter Araceli. We have one baptism for sure this coming Sunday, Ricardo that had his that finally after eight years is going to be baptized, and another person that is possible.
The zone is doing pretty good. We had a bit of a struggle this last week getting people to church but all the elders are happy at the moment so I guess it's all good. The members still feed us lunch every day and yes it is a lot of rice, beans and tortillas with some kind of meat. They eat a lot of beef and grilled chicken here. I never thought I would say this but sometimes I miss healthy food. ha ha! The food is really greasy here.
I had forgotten about Thanksgiving. Eat some turkey and pumpkin pie for me. It's crazy how fast time is flying by. I can't believe that it is almost December. The sad thing is that it's almost December and I am still walking around in the sun sweating ha ha. The weather here is nuts. One day I think its starting to cool off because I need a jacket in the morning but then the next day I feel like I am going to die of heat. All part of the job I guess.
Everything went well in the Zone Conference. A sister from the stake came and talked to us. She was one of the first members in north Mexico and her husband was the first convert Mexican Stake President and Mission President. It was really cool to here her stories and how much they baptized in that time. It's nuts.
Thanks for everything. I love you guys. Have a good week.
Elder K
PS I got your package mom. I have been a good boy and have been fighting to temptation to open it before Christmas. It's not been easy!


Thursday, November 17, 2011

Spiritual Experiences

Well it has been a good week but as usual a tiring week. We got to go to the temple today so it was a nice little spiritual boost. We also had a few people in church last Sunday that should be getting baptized this coming Sunday if everything goes as planned. It's a woman named Martha and her daughter Araceli. We hope the rest of the family comes after. It's a really cool family. We have also found a few other good people that we are teaching.
I have really had a testimony building week in the aspect that God will get the people ready that he wants us to baptize. For example... We are now teaching Ricardo. Ricardo has been married for 8 years to a member that is very active with his two kids but has only been to sacrament meeting 2 times in those eight years and has never stayed for the classes. Two Sundays ago he was home alone at night and was having some doubts about some life problems. He remembered hearing people say that they pray and open the Book of Mormon to a random page and they find the answer. So he went and looked for his wife's Book of Mormon and opened it to a random page. He said the answer freaked him out a little so he quickly shut the book and put it down. So he couldn't tell us where he read but he said that what he understood is that if we are far from God, He can't answer us. (We think he read in D&C because he read from a triple combination, but it's all the same, right? ha ha.) With that answer he started reading the Book of Mormon with his wife every night and praying and decided that he was going to church on Sunday. We met him a church on Sunday and for the first time he stayed for all 3 hours and he accepted to be baptized the 27th of this month like it was nothing. This is after eight years of a wife putting the example and always inviting and tons of visits from missionaries and members. They had all just kinda given up, but now is his time. Its really cool to see.
To answer your question mom, I have seen like 3 primary programs in the mission. We actually just had one three weeks ago. But they are a ton smaller here then in the states. There are actually a lot of American elders in my zone so I have spoken a ton more English these past couple weeks, which is good because my English was getting kinda bad.
Here there are only two cars in all the mission, one that the assistant and office elders share and President's car. So for me it's still 100% walking and metro trains and buses.

We are still waiting on a bunch of Ensigns, actually they are Liahonas here. I have been waiting forever to read the Book of Mormon issue and it still hasn't gotten here. I hope they come soon because I want to study the conference talks.
Well, that's about it for the week. We have Zone Conference tomorrow. Wish me luck. I love you all and thank you so much for everything.
Elder K
P.S. I have been craving a pork roast with onions, mashed potatos, and rolls. First thing I am eating when I get back.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Quick Update

Snow!? [in Utah] Here it dropped in temp for a few days and I had to put a sweater on in the mornings but now it's just as hot as ever. I feel like its still July. I think that this area that I am in now is the hardest area I have been in when it comes to the people. It is a little bit richer so the people are a little more hard hearted. We have been struggling to get into house to teach. Any RMs out there that passed through similar areas I would love to here what you did to find people.

The zone is starting to rise a little. We had a few problem elders to start but now everything is running smooth. We have some good goals that we are working for and everyone is happy and excited..... now it's just keeping it that way.
We live in a little house right now. It's one of the better houses I have lived in on the mission. The thing that I am still kinda getting used to is just living with my comp. This is the first time since I have gotten to Mexico that I haven't had other elders living in the same house as us. Things stay a lot cleaner, that's for sure.
If I remember right we go to the temple next week on Wednesday. So I won't write until then. Then the next day we have Zone Conference and me and my comp have to do two presentations. It will be interesting because neither one of us has taught in a zone conference but things are looking good.
I don't think it ever really starts looking like Christams here. I haven't seen any Christmas stuff yet apart from a few things in some of the bigger stores. On top of that it never snows or anything.
I love you all. Thanks for everything and have an awesome week.
Elder K

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Zone Leader

Well, I am now in good ol Monterrey again. Where the smog is thick and the baptisms are just waiting. I am now a Zone Leader. I am still trying to decide if I like it or not (haha). It's a little stressful but that's part of the mission. Last week we had another council but this time it was just Zone Leaders to choose what we are going to teach in Zone Conference.

My new comp. is Elder Alejandro. It's a little wierd because he has a first name as a last name. We get a lot of coments about it. He is from Veracruz (I think thats how you spell it).
I haven't heard anything about the family I left behind in my other area but I am looking into it. We should be having a baptism this Sunday. It's a 22 year old named Angel. In Mexico Angel is a man's name just so y'all know.
It's kinda cool how much the Lord blesses His missionaries in adapting. After time in the mission changes just don't bother you anymore. It's just all part of the mission. I already feel like I have a ton of time here. The only thing is that I still don't know the streets of the area--haha. I'm happy that now I get to go to the temple again. After the events of the past couple months I have really wanted to go to the temple. It's true what they say, we don't value what we have until we dont have it.
Well that's all for now. I love you all and thanks for everything.
Elder K