Tuesday, May 31, 2011

It's been a while...

Well, it's been a pretty good week. We had two baptisms on Friday. It was a mom (Nancy) and her daughter (Ariana). The mom was dead scared of the water so it was a bit of an odd baptism. It took a few atempts and a lot of talking. I was baptizing her but there ended up being two other people in the water to help out. It was kinda long and stressful but in the end we got things done and that's what counts. We have a couple possibles for this weekend as well. They are all 10 and 11 year old boys. I really don't know how that happened, but hey they are the ones that want to listen to us.

Man I can't believe school is out. That means Jenni will be a Senior. Freak, time is flying. It's starting to hit me that I have to be a big kid now. There is no more "When I grow up I am going to do this". It's more of a, "Oh crap I grew up. What am I going to do?" haha! Lucky for me I still have some time in Mexico :)

As for food I love campichanas. The worst food would have to be menudo. It is the nastiest thing ever. Its a soup with cow stomach and all kinds of goodness. I wouldn't recomend it. The crickets taste better.

The good part about having a native companion is that you learn Spanish a lot faster and better. Also it helps you to learn the culture and things like that. The hardest part also has to do with the culture. Their way of thinking is very different so at times it is a problem. Also with the language there can be problems with comunication. It's a little hard to explain how the relationship is but I hope that gives you an idea.

I am getting better at picking out where people are from by how they talk. Actually you can tell the difference in how they act as well. Its amazing to me how much where you grow up changes your personality and so much about you.

Things are going really good. I am pretty sure I will be changed [to a new location] in 3 weeks but you really never know.

Thanks for all you guys do for me I love you all.

Elder K


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Pictures from Monterrey

Well, Jake is really becoming immersed in missionary life and his updates have been short the past couple of weeks, but he did send some more pictures. It looks like he's doing well!

April 25, 2011
Still no investigators but we have a lot of good things going for this week so I am hoping we can finish out this transfer strong. We only have two more weeks left in the transfer. It's still super hot here--not much new about the weather. I don't have a ton to report since I wrote you a few days ago but things are still truckin' along. Here are a few pictures to make up for my slacking.

May 2, 2011
Most of his message was about setting up a phone call for Mother's day, but there were a few updates.

Things have really cooled down here. We are in the 80's right now and overcast. I have been loving it. I have had a pretty bad case of heat rash on my shoulders from my backpack so this cooler weather has helped and goldbond powder is my new best friend. I shower in the morning then bathe myself in powder. It makes the day much better. :) This is my comp's last week in the field then he is done. So I am trying to keep things focused and the area moving along. It's slowly getting harder and harder to do so but I think we will make it through. Well, that's about it. Can't wait to talk to everyone this weekend. Love you guys thanks for everything.

Elder K

The pics are of the mountains bruning all around us. It was so hot that three were burning at the same time all around us. It made the air super bad.