Thursday, October 7, 2010

Conference in the MTC

Excerpts from a letter to Jake's sister:

Si, es verdedero, estuve enfermo, pero ahora esta bien. Yo siento mucho major. Entonces esta bien aqui. Esta semana fue un poco loco para mi.

That's all the Spanish you get for now. :) It's not very good Spanish, but it's understandable I hope. So I will be going to Mexico eventually, but for now I am headed to .... Arcadia, California. I am super excited. I leave Tuesday some time. I find out later today what time. If you are around when I call home maybe we could chat in espanol.

We do learn very fast. We have two teachers that are recent R.M.'s that teach us a ton. Other than that we have tons of just study time where it is just us and we study on our own. It's really tough at times. Every Wednesday night we have a TRC ( I don't remember what it stands for :) ). At this TRC we have an "Investigator" (they are usually R.M.'s or BYU students who speak Spanish.) Anyone can come and volunteer to do it, member or not, so you never know. Anyway, we start with a task like meeting them on the bus or a store or something then we set a "return appointment" got plan for ten minutes then teach them a lesson. It's great! I hated it at first but it helps teaching in Spanish so much. Oh and as we do it someone watches us via video camera and judges how we do.

Conference here was awesome! It's so much easier to sit and watch it ALL here; in fact, I think it was a first for me. The Spirit is so strong and it teaches you so much. Elder Holland's talk Saturday morning really got me. It was about being grateful. Every talk was awesome. My mind set here is so different; things just stick out in my mind differently.

Elder Kartchner

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