Monday, October 11, 2010

Visa Update and Spanish Testimony

Jake leaves the MTC tomorrow, but he still hasn't gotten his Mexican visa. While he waits, he has been (temporarily) assigned to Arcadia, California. He has a great attitude about it even though he just found out last Thursday where he would be going. In a letter to me (older sister, Summer) he said:

"My new call is...Arcadia, California! It's going to be awesome. I see this as a blessing. Now I get to go to two places and meet more people."

Maybe he is just excited to be leaving the MTC. :)

A funny story...So, we have known for a while that Elder K. wouldn't get his visa in time and he told mom a while back that he would get his new (temporary) assignment last Thurs. Thursdays are his preparation days and the days when he sometimes has a chance to email so mom was eagerly waiting for his email that day. At 10:10am she received a message with the subject: "I got my new call!!!" and this is what it said,

"I am feeling a lot better now. The cold only lasted a week or so. It's good to hear that everyone is doing well. I am glad Levi is taking off so well. It just shows that he can do more thatn we think if we just push him to do his best. Sounds like the corn maze was a blast. I could imagine every part of that story as if I were there. Can't wait to see more pictures of the house--it sounds great. I wish I could go visit Justin with you guys, that sounds awesome [Our brother lives in AZ]. I thought about if I got reassigned to Arizona and how cool it would be but..... its not Arizona hehe. I will tell you that I leave Tuesday but I am going to make you wait to get my letter to find out where hehe. I know it's not very nice but you need to feel some of my pain lol. Be ready for a Spanish phone call in the near future. I love you all. I will send out a letter later today."

What a little punk! You can imagine how mom felt about that. :) Luckily Jake was able to make a 2-minute phone call later that day to give her the news, though I don't think it was in Spanish!

Speaking of Spanish, below is a short video clip that Jake sent with his MTC pictures a couple of weeks ago. It is a video of him bearing his testimony in Spanish. He says it is not very good and he will look back on it and laugh when he is done with his mission. While the latter is probably true, I think his Spanish is coming along nicely, don't you? And isn't he a cutie?!

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  1. Nuestro hermano es chevere. (that's how we'd say cool/awesome in Ecuador)