Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year

Happy New Year! It's crazy to think that it is 2011 already.

We had a really good week. It has been a little colder here, but not to bad. It rained a couple days this week. The weekend was a little slow because of the holiday but all in all a really good week. I am in the same area as before, I just got a new companion. So even though he is the seinor companion it feels like I am. He has only been out a month and a half longer than me so we are at about the same level but because this was my area I have been having to kinda train him on the area. It makes the work a lot harder and I am tired.

We got some good solid baptismal dates set up this last week. The closest on is the 23rd of this month. I really hope that I don't get sent to Mexico before it happens. I have been working with this guy from the start and have been through a lot with him.
We got a lot of good lessons in this week and we had an entire family show up to church that we have been working with for months, even years before me. It was awesome to see them finally come. I just hope we can keep them coming. We have a lot of work to do this week and to get investigators ready for baptism. Its going to be a crazy month but the outcome will be awesome. It sounds like you guys are all busy as usual.
I still haven't heard anything about a VISA and I hope I don't till February. We have some good things coming up. I hope everything is still good and you guys have a good week. Yo puedo ver los bendiciones que Dios nos da. Espero que ustedes puedan verlos tambien. Love you and miss you.
Elder K

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