Monday, April 16, 2012

A Busy Week and A Bucket Shower

So I will be sticking around in my area (San Nicolas) at least until the end of May. I got a new companion, Elder Fifield. My first American comp. since I have gotten to Mexico. He is from Kaysville, UT. It's going ok here in the zone. We really struggled yesterday with baptisms but we are looking a lot better for this coming Sunday. We are starting to crack the whip a little more to get things moving this transfer.

This last week was nuts. We spent almost all day Tuesday in the bus center getting all the transfers done. Wednesday we had the district meetings then it was off to the center of Monterrey for a Zone Leader council that ended on Thursday evening. It's always nice to go to those because we eat good American food and we play basketball. Gotta love it. Then Friday and Saturday we had time to work in our own area and do interviews of the people being baptized. It was a crazy week.

On Friday night we had a nice experience while waiting for a bus. We had just gotten done with some baptismal interviews and we were waiting for the bus back to our area (about 9 at night). The bus just went zipping past us so we decided to walk to a more lit up part of the street. As we walked we saw a man in front of his house a little ways off and even from a distance we could see that he had been drinking. He was standing behind a little 4 foot wall dumping water on his own head. He started yelling ¨Hey Mormons! Over here!¨ So we started walking faster. As we came to the house and were trying to pass quickly he jumped out from behind the wall and to our surprise he was butt naked. haha! He had been taking a nice bucket shower in front of his house, and I thought he was just a drunk pouring water on his head. How silly of me. Needless to say our speed walk became more of a light jog at that point and we decided it would be best to wait even further down the road for the bus haha.

That basically sums up Mexico for you.

Well, thanks for everything. I love you all. Have a great week.
Elder K

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