Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Busy, busy, busy...

Well, it was a crazy week. I am super drained. We had a leadership council all of Wednesday and Thursday. So I didn't sleep much during those three nights but it was really cool. I learned a ton of good stuff and we ate lots of good American and Mexican food. We stayed up really late playing sports and even President stayed to play for a while.

Also in this week one of the missionaries in my district went home because of heart problems and his companion has been with us so we have been trying to run two areas. This on top of normal District Leader stuff and training--I am pretty sure someone wants me dead by the end of these two years, but it's all good. I have been learning tons.
Here the weather has still been pretty toasty. The nights are perfect though. We don't have to have all the windows open and a million fans going to sleep. From what they have told me the winters here get pretty chilly. There isn't any snow but it gets below freezing.
I am excited for conference this weekend but at the same time it means more work to bring people to church because we have to go to the stake center to watch it. We can only go to the Saturday meetings if we bring people but no matter what we go to priesthood and the Sunday sessions.
Things are looking really good for a baptism this coming Sunday. We are teaching a women named Marisol. She is the sister of the last baptism we had. When we showed her the baptsimal font yesterday in church she was almost crying. It was a pretty sweet spiritual expirence. I am glad that I took the time to clean all the roaches out of the font durning gospel principles. The scriptures say we should baptize every creature but I didnt think she would understand that. ;)
I love you all I can't believe how fast time is flying by. Thanks for everything.
Elder K

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