Tuesday, October 11, 2011

October is off to a good start

Well, things are starting to cool off here. It's still pretty warm most days but when we have rainy days it gets pretty chilly. This week was tough. We are still working two areas and it's killing me, but we are still finding people so it's all good. This week that's coming my companion will stay the entire week in the other area with the solo missionary and I will be with another youth again. I am not looking forward to it but not much I can do about it. We were going to have a baptism of a 10 year old girl this week but at the last minute she punked out. We had the font filled and everything. I guess that's just how it is sometimes.

[Answering mom's questions.] Depending on what you buy food is cheap here, but on a missionary budget everything is expensive and even more if you want American food. For a gallon of milk here it's around 40 pesos which would be a little more than 3 bucks. I think milk costs more than gas here.

Right now there are five of us living in the house so we decided to grill some beef and treat ourselves a little bit. We bought charcoals and everyone was happily waiting for it to be hot enough to cook as we waited it started to explode. We had to take cover and throw water from a distance trying to put it out and not lose an arm. It made us feel like a more literal God's Army.

Well I put some pics of the baptism of Marisol. Thanks for everything and I love you guys have an awesome week.

Elder K

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