Tuesday, September 6, 2011

El Gringo Alto

It was a bit of a tough week but we are still working hard. Being with the joven (youth) has been a ride. Its draining all that I have to keep things going solo. I have learned good stuff from all this but I am ready for a really companion, haha. I should be getting one in a week.

I am trying to think of some good stories but I only have one that happened yesterday that comes to mind. We were headed to church on the bus and of course it was packed with people. So we had to stand. No big deal we do it a lot but this bus was different. It had a really low ceiling so I couldn't stand up all the way. The entire bus packed full of people were pointing and whispering and laughing the entire way to church because the tall skinny gringo is going to hit is head on the rough and cant stand up straight. My comp got a good laugh out of it as well. I will be happy when I am in a country that things are made for tall people again, haha.
Right now we are in finding mode. We are looking and looking and looking some more. We have a few groups of people we are teaching but all of them seem to hit road blocks last week that is making it really hard to teach them and help them progress. We are hoping for a week of blessings this week after the week of trials.
I love you all thanks for all your help. Have a great week.
Elder K

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