Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Quick Update and Primary Message

We didn't baptize this week so the streak ends at 5 weeks. I can't really complain. We are also looking good to baptize this Sunday that is coming. So I guess I can handle one week without a baptism as long as it doesn't happen again. ;)
Things are going good with the young companion. He will be with me for another 2 weeks and then leaves on his mission in a couple months. It's been very different working with him because on top of everything he is very shy and at times antisocial. So I do a lot of solo teaching and contacting but he is coming along. After two more weeks he will be a pro missionary.
We haven't had anything too crazy happen this week and I am suffering from something I like to call Falta de Fotos or in other words I haven't taken pictures for like a month apart from baptisms so I have none to send.... I know, I know, I should take more and I will regret it if I don't. I have heard it all. I'm just not thinking about it, but I promise to make more of an effort.
I love you all. Thanks for all your support and love. Have a great week.
Elder K

And a short message to the Eastridge Ward Primary...
Dear Primary of the Eastridge Ward,
Being a missionary in Mexico has taught me a lot and I have seen many people change their lives when they read the scriptures and live the Gospel. Our Heavenly Father loves all of us and wants us to share the blessings we have with everyone. One of the best ways we can do it is by being missionaries. Start being a missionary now to your friends and families so that you can be ready to serve a full-time mission. I know that the church is true and that through scripture study The Lord prepares us to be missionaries so he can use us to spread the gospel to all the world.
Elder Kartchner

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