Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Well the week was pretty good. It flew by because I was only in my area for like 2 days. I was all over the zone doing interviews and trying to help some investigaters out. It was a crazy week but we ended well as a zone which made it worth it. We finished with 6 of 8 areas baptizing yesterday and around 25 people were batized in the month of Feb. Not to bad but we are hoping for more this transfer. We will find out about transfers tonight. I feel like I will be sticking around in this area another transfer but who knows. They are sending us new info on the new president that will be getting here in July. It's kinda wierd to me that I will be finishing with a different president. I will only be with him for one transfer. So I will finish the mission with 3 mission presidents counting the time in California.

To answer some of your questions mom...
  • Yes, we only drink bottled water. In some parts of the mission they say it's ok to drink the water but I haven't been so lucky when I have played the 'is this water safe?' game so I just don't do it haha.
  • We meet in a nice church building. I dont know if you would call it regular, but for Mexico, yes, it's regular haha.
  • It's getting pretty warm here. It makes me scared for the summer because it never got really cold this winter like it did last winter. So it makes me think that this summer is going to be killer hot. The good thing is that I will be going home in the hottest part of the year.
  • The worst Mexican dish I have eatin by far is menudo. It's a nice smell--soup of cow stomouch and they love it here.
  • Overall I have been staying pretty healthy with the food and water. At times were I don't sleep a lot I get a little bit of a cold but it's nothing like the ones I get at home. I think its because it doesn't get nearly as cold here.
Well, I got to get goin'. I love you all and thank you for everything.
Elder K



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