Thursday, June 14, 2012

A Dirty Dog

Things are going great here in Estanzuela. We baptized Francisco the other day and we have a few other people that are getting to that point. I am really liking this area but not so much the sun. It has been getting really hot. We walk a ton up and down the mountain so you get real sweaty. I took some pictures but big surprise that the top notch computers that they have here aren't letting me attach anything... so you will have to wait till next week.

The only story that comes to mind right now is about a dog. The guy we baptized always has dogs show up at his house from the street. on Monday a little puppy (no more than 6 months old) showed up. It had hundreds of big ticks in it and even more fleas, on top of that it hadn't eaten for a long time. so we spent a good chunk of time picking all the ticks out of it, giving it a good bath and feeding it. It was nasty. You couldn't even see inside its ears because there were soooo many ticks. I am happy to say that he looks a lot better now.

Not really much more to report. Just truckin along. I love you guys. Thanks for everything.
Elder K

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