Wednesday, June 20, 2012

An Update

Well It was a good week but not really much to report since I wrote on Wednesday. Its still just as hot as ever.
We are getting ready to receive our new mission president next week and saying good bye to the old one. Its a little weird to be honest. It will be good to learn from a new president but we will miss president Romney.

I will be home on the 15th of august so the 19th works out just fine [for Elder K's homecoming talk].

Yes, we still go to the temple once a month... well I go there more because my chapel is right out side but we only go into the temple once a month. We still eat with members here but it is very diverse. This area has super poor members a really well off members. So each day is a surprise of what we are going to eat.

Sounds like you guys are just as busy as ever. I keep thinking I will be going home to the calmness and away from the craziness of Mexico, then I remember where I come from haha.

As for cooking I have not really learned much but I will practice when I get home. haha don't worry... or maybe you should worry.

Love you guys,
Elder K

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