Wednesday, July 6, 2011

More from Saltillo

Well still trying to learn the area a little better, but things are going good. We have had new investigators in church every Sunday so far but no one will commit. It is exactly like the same here in Mexico. Everyone loves to talk about Mary and Jesus and all their saints that they pray to but no one likes the truth when they hear it. No one wants to get married or give up their beer. But that's why we are here, right? To show the people what the truth is.
The food is almost the same here as well as the Spanish. Every place has little differences in these areas but its easy to pick up on the new slang words and such.

Things are going good, just trying to get people to lose the fear they have and commit to do what they know is right and get baptized. The Spanish is getting good but it's a bit of a bad thing now that I can say basically what I want I have a hard time not chewing people out a little (with love of course) when they try to tell me that worshipping the virgin is ok and things like that. So I am trying to develop a little more patients in that area.
I called the offices today and they said they will be dropping off some stuff in my area for me. They didn't tell exactly what it all was, but they said mail and a package so its looking good today :)

Well, thanks for everything. I hope you all have a good week and a happy Fourth of July.
Elder K

A street in my area.

Elder K. with a Peruvian elder.
Elder K and his companion.

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