Monday, May 28, 2012


I got transferred! I am now in Roma stake in the area Estanzuela. It is right in the heart of good old Monterrey. The temple is in my area is that's cool. We have a nice little branch which was a little funny to me because we go to the chapel that is in front of the temple Which is the biggest nicest richest one in almost all the mission.

My comp. is really cool. His name is Elder Knowles He is from Logan as well. He lives like 5 min. from our house and I think he knows more people from our ward than I do. It will be a good Transfer working here. I will be finishing out the mission here but I will have one more companion change.

It's nuts all the changes that everyone is doing. I cant believe that Jenni is going to finish high school. It really is like everyone just jumped ahead two years. In my head everyone is still how they where. Sounds like good things are happening for Justin I just hope the best thing offered gets him to Utah--hehe.
Apart from transfers we also had leadership council this week. It was a little different because it will be presidents last one till he goes home in about a month. He invited some lawyer and big business guys to come talk to us about leadership. It was really interesting and made me realize even more how much all of the stuff we learn on the mission will apply to all of life.
Well I gotta get going. I love you all and will talk to you soon.
Elder K

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