Thursday, May 10, 2012

Well things have been going pretty good here. The news of the week is that it is getting so hot that I can almost smell my skin cooking as we walk in the street. We also finally found the fattest man in the world. We had heard that he lived in our area and we found out he lives just a few blocks from us. He has the world record for being the fatest man in the world and also the world record for losing the most weight in a year. He lost like 400 Pounds but still wieghs like 700. We taught him twice and he is a way cool guy.

I attached some pics of him and the two people we baptized last week (Orlando and Jamie) We also made some sweet soccor jersey for the zone so I took some pics of those. All went well in the Zone conference and now we will be just trucking along this week to get things done and get the baptisms going.

Thanks for the package. The clothing was much needed but I think my soul needed the candy even more--haha. It has been a while since I have had some good old Easter candy. I had forgotten how good a chocolate marshmallow egg can be.

I love you guys tons and thank you for everything. I will try and send some heat up there because I sure dont want it.
Elder K


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