Wednesday, March 23, 2011

In the City

Ok so heres the dealio. Transfers aren't until this coming Tuesday but I got moved into Monterrey last Wednesday. I am now living with four natives and one American and I don't have an official companion. It's a long story, but simply put the elders were having problems here and president thought it was a good idea to send me as a peacemaker...who knows why. So I kinda have 5 companions at the moment. We will see what changes this Tuesday. The good news is that missionaries in Monterrey get to go to the temple once a month so we went today (that's why I didn't have p-day on Monday). My spanish is really picking up now that I am living with so many natives. People say I talk like a chilango....a chilango is a person from D.F. Ask Summer for details, I think she will know about this (D.F. = Districto Federal, a.k.a. Mexico City). Being in the city is a huge change, but I like it a lot. We use the metro trains and buses a ton. It's so nuts, you have to be moving so fast all the time or they will just leave you behind.

So I am now in a ward which is super nice. We had a baptism last Sunday and things are looking good for some baptisms in the near future.

I have a water bottle that has a filter system in it so don't worry, I drink clean water. It is super super super hot here. I am not looking forward to the summer when it hits 120 at times.

So lots of changes since the last time I wrote and that's it in a nutshell. I will give you more details next week and hopfully I will have a comp by then too.

Love you all and thanks for your prays and support.

Elder Kartchner (a.k.a. The White Chilango)

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