Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Rough Week

Ok first things first. No, we don't have siestas. It's the sad truth. I haven't really heard much about the earthquake in Japan. Just that it happened, not much more. I am guessing it was pretty bad. Just another sign of the times.

This week was a toughy. The first half was really good. We found a lot of new people and a lot of success. Friday and Saturday we had a lot of people get mad at us and were long days but we were still happy because we had a good 10 people commmited to coming to church. We had transportation and everything set of for all of them. We also had a baptism. Then Sunday came: The Moment of Truth.  We left the house early so we had a good 2 hours before church to go and talk to all the people that were going to come to church. We spent to hours of people lying to us and slamming doors in our faces. Also during the first two classes my comp continued to try and get people to come while I taught the classes. When all was said and done no one came but hey we still had a baptism...or so we thought. He didn't show up to chruch either so we raced to his house on bike just before sacrament meeting to find him drunk. Needless to say, no baptism.

As we returned to the chruch we found the members all bickering. A cell phone of a recent convert had gone missing and everyone was pointing fingers. Me and my comp quickly got sacrament meeting going in an effort to calm everyone down. My companion gave a talk asking why everyonw was here and why they were baptized. I then spoke on charity and if we know why we are here we should build charity for others and help them know why they should be here. Both of us stressed that we needed to have good feelings between members if we want the branch to grow here. All this in an effort to get them to stop and think before pointing fingers. After sacrament meeting nothing changed. Everyone stayed at the church for almost an hour split up in groups gossiping about who did what. During all this we dicovered that some one had broken in and stolen the chruches only TV. We finally got everyone home and then start to contact. What a day. We have a lot to work on here to say the least. So that about sums up the week. I am just glad that its a new week. Starting fresh.

I love you guys and thanks for all your support. Sorry no pictures this week. I didn't really take any. Have a good week.

Elder K

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