Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Getting Better

Well this week was a lot better. It was also very very hot. I am a little scared because if it is this hot in Feb. how hot is it going to be in July? We had a pretty good week. We found some new investigatores and had a lot of people at church yesterday. We could have multiple baptisms this coming Sunday. One of the people we have been teaching lives in Texas with her kids (speaks no English) but she also has a house here. So she comes down here for a couple months at a time to visit family. She has been here since Christmas and is going home a week from today so we are going to try and baptize her before she goes. She is mad at us because we didn't find her sooner. She tells all the time "I have been here for months and you guys waited till now to find me. Why?" Sadly we have no answer for this. It's crazy that I have been here in Mexico for a month now. It doesn't feel like that much time but it also feels like my entire mission has been here, haha.

The Spanish is getting a lot better. I teach the youth sunday school class every Sunday and I remember how hard it was the first couple weeks. I wouldn't say that its easy now but I can fill the time and they understand me so I would say that's pretty good. I have been really trying to do every little thing I can to be able to have the spirit and the blessings I need to be a good missionary along with this I have been trying to be more positive about things. As a missionary there are a lot of things you have to deal with. I have been trying to turn some of these hard things and see the good side. Here is a few of the things I came up with...

1. The food gives you bad gas..... In Mexico you fart wherever you want and it makes no difference.

2. No one can sing hymns.... Makes you look like you have the voice of an angel.

3. You can't always understand people, especailly if they are making fun of you.... They can't understand what you think of them.

4. People teach false doctrine at church.... I get to gain a personal testimony of the apostasy.

5. You never know if you will have running water.... I doesn't matter if you don't shower, everyone still thinks you are super clean and smell great.

So there is a few of my positive thoughts among others. I really have seen a lot of blessings in the past week and although its still hard work.

Sorry no pictures this week--I forgot my camera. I will be sure to remember next week. Not a lot to report here. All the days run together so I don't know what happened what day. Something could have happened a week ago and it feels like it happened yesterday.

I love you guys. Thanks for everything you have done and are doing for me.

Elder K

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