Monday, March 28, 2011

A Good Week

It was a really good week. I really like it here in the city (Monterrey). There is always something going on. Public transportation is one of the biggest adventures. You never know who you are going to meet or if you will get off at the right stop.

I still don't have an actual companion but we will find all that out tonight. So I could be in a different area tomorrow, who knows. Sorry to hear about the rain and the snow. Its freaking hot here. We have been in the 90s every day this week and its just going to keep getting hotter. It makes for long days walking around. Tell Jenni, Brandon and Ben Happy B-day! Hopfully I can talk to them on Mother's Day in a couple weeks. It's crazy, I feel like I was talking to you guys on the phone on Christmas last week. Time is flying by. Almost a third of my mission is gone... what happened?

Yesterday we were talking to the dad of a recent convert and he told us that he would never listen to us or read anything we gave him... After an hour of talking we left him crying with a Book of Mormon in his hand--hehe yes we are master teachers. It was very spiritual. I love lessons like that. It reminds me why I am here.

This week we did an activity with the stake. We did a mini MTC for the youth. So they all came to the stake center and had to give up their cell phones and all. They were assigned a companion and district and we spent the day teaching them how to teach and contact. At the end of the day each missionary was given a companionship of the youth and we went out and knocked doors. It was really cool. I attached some pictures of the temple, eating food, our baptism, and a picture of most of the youth in the mini MTC. I love you guys and hope all is well. Thanks for all you do for me.

Elder K

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