Tuesday, August 23, 2011

More Baptisms!

Things are going great here. We baptized two more people this last week. So that makes it 5 weeks in a row. We are pushing for 6. Also, my district won district of the week because everyone baptized and we had 13 baptism of the 16 in the zone. It's been a good but crazy week.

We don't have transfers for another 3 weeks but they moved my companion to Monterrey on Friday and I recieved a "summer missionary". A summer missionary is what they do when there aren't enough missionaries. They are priest-age youth that help out for a couple weeks. So they aren't officially missionaries. I will be with this summer missionary from Monterrey for 3 weeks. It's a new challenge to say the least.
It is still pretty hot here but not as hot as other parts of the mission so I am greatful for that. Here it cools off pretty good at night so we just turn a couple of fans on and we sleep great.

I am wondering if the letter of stories is ever going to get there. I think I might have to make another attempt.

This year has been so long but I feel like I just left home. It's starting to scare me about how fast the end will come.
I am getting use to being District leader and still learning but the Lord always throws somthing else in when I start to feel good about where I am at.

Well, have a great week and good luck to all that are starting school. I love you guys.
Elder K

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