Monday, August 8, 2011

A Spiritual Boost

Well, we had another baptism yesterday and we have a few set up for this week--three weeks in a row and going for the fourth. I am trying to send a pic of the baptism but the computer is being dumb so who knows. It might have to wait till next week. Sounds like all the little kids are changing a lot. It will be weird to see them all in a year... thats right one year down.
This week flew by. I don't know what is happening to the time. I feel like I just wrote you guys yesterday. A little story that comes to mind from the week is of one of the people that is going to get baptized this coming Sunday. His wife got baptized a couple weeks ago and we have been working with him. He smokes a lot. He also hasn't had a job for a while. In a lesson we had on Friday night I was a little sick of his excuses for smoking. So I told him, Look God won't give you work because if you have work you have money to by cigarettes. The day you quit smoking is the day you will find a job. After a little pause to let him think and me feeling a little afraid of what I had just said and promised, I asked him what he was going to do. He said, "Well you don't give me much of a choice. I have to quit." He didn't smoke Saturday or Sunday and Sunday night he reveived a call and starts work today. It was a big testimony builder for me and now he is going to get baptized.
God is always listening and always watching. Never let doubt enter into your minds. Any feeling of sadness stress, anger, or any feeling that we don't like having is not from Him. If you are feeling any of these in the moment get on your knees and tell Him to take them away and do your part and continue living. I think it was Pres. Eyring that said 'Many are willing to die in the name of Christ but few are willing to live in the name of Christ'. Have faith that He knows what he is doing and in the plan that we have been taught and live!
I love you all have an awesome week and I will send pics next week.
Elder K
P.S. Here are some scriptures that have helped me in the past week to deal with things a little better. Read them carfully and with a lot of prayer and they will help.
D&C 29: 12-13
Matt 19:29
Matt 18:21-35

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