Monday, November 28, 2011

Best Baptism Yet

Well, things are going good. We had a bit of a tough week as a zone but we also had some really cool blessings here in my area.

First was the baptism that we had. Ricardo, the guy I told you guys about a couple weeks ago got baptized...after 8 years! It was soooo cool. I think it was the best baptism I have had in the mission. There were more people in the baptism than in sacrament meeting (ha ha). It was packed, even with people that didn't really know him. The spirit was so strong that I would say at least 50% of the people started crying at some point. It made the hard week worth it.
This week we knocked and knocked and knocked some more and we didn't have any success. It was one of the hardest weeks I have had in months. We really started focusing on being as obedient as possible and kept working...which was super hard when we hit Friday and Saturday nights and still nothing, but we kept knocking. After everything we ended up with no one new at church. We were kinda bumbed but the baptism we had did help a little. Then at about 6 we got a call from the Monterrey East Mission. They told us that someone from their ward was leaving on his mission a week from this Wednesday and that his girlfriend wants him to baptize her before he goes (a.k.a. this Sunday) but she lives in our area. The missionaries there already taught here a little and she has been to church a ton of times. So all we have to do is finish teaching her and there ya have it. We are going to baptize after all. Just goes the show that the Lord always pays up--haha.
I put some pics of the baptism and a sugar skull from the Day of the Dead that I had and also what I did to the cover of my planner.. I think it looks pretty cool.
I love you guys. thanks for everything. Have a good week.
Elder K

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