Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Baptisms and Zone Conference

Well it's been a good week. We had two baptisms yesterday, Martha and her daughter Araceli. We have one baptism for sure this coming Sunday, Ricardo that had his that finally after eight years is going to be baptized, and another person that is possible.
The zone is doing pretty good. We had a bit of a struggle this last week getting people to church but all the elders are happy at the moment so I guess it's all good. The members still feed us lunch every day and yes it is a lot of rice, beans and tortillas with some kind of meat. They eat a lot of beef and grilled chicken here. I never thought I would say this but sometimes I miss healthy food. ha ha! The food is really greasy here.
I had forgotten about Thanksgiving. Eat some turkey and pumpkin pie for me. It's crazy how fast time is flying by. I can't believe that it is almost December. The sad thing is that it's almost December and I am still walking around in the sun sweating ha ha. The weather here is nuts. One day I think its starting to cool off because I need a jacket in the morning but then the next day I feel like I am going to die of heat. All part of the job I guess.
Everything went well in the Zone Conference. A sister from the stake came and talked to us. She was one of the first members in north Mexico and her husband was the first convert Mexican Stake President and Mission President. It was really cool to here her stories and how much they baptized in that time. It's nuts.
Thanks for everything. I love you guys. Have a good week.
Elder K
PS I got your package mom. I have been a good boy and have been fighting to temptation to open it before Christmas. It's not been easy!


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