Thursday, November 17, 2011

Spiritual Experiences

Well it has been a good week but as usual a tiring week. We got to go to the temple today so it was a nice little spiritual boost. We also had a few people in church last Sunday that should be getting baptized this coming Sunday if everything goes as planned. It's a woman named Martha and her daughter Araceli. We hope the rest of the family comes after. It's a really cool family. We have also found a few other good people that we are teaching.
I have really had a testimony building week in the aspect that God will get the people ready that he wants us to baptize. For example... We are now teaching Ricardo. Ricardo has been married for 8 years to a member that is very active with his two kids but has only been to sacrament meeting 2 times in those eight years and has never stayed for the classes. Two Sundays ago he was home alone at night and was having some doubts about some life problems. He remembered hearing people say that they pray and open the Book of Mormon to a random page and they find the answer. So he went and looked for his wife's Book of Mormon and opened it to a random page. He said the answer freaked him out a little so he quickly shut the book and put it down. So he couldn't tell us where he read but he said that what he understood is that if we are far from God, He can't answer us. (We think he read in D&C because he read from a triple combination, but it's all the same, right? ha ha.) With that answer he started reading the Book of Mormon with his wife every night and praying and decided that he was going to church on Sunday. We met him a church on Sunday and for the first time he stayed for all 3 hours and he accepted to be baptized the 27th of this month like it was nothing. This is after eight years of a wife putting the example and always inviting and tons of visits from missionaries and members. They had all just kinda given up, but now is his time. Its really cool to see.
To answer your question mom, I have seen like 3 primary programs in the mission. We actually just had one three weeks ago. But they are a ton smaller here then in the states. There are actually a lot of American elders in my zone so I have spoken a ton more English these past couple weeks, which is good because my English was getting kinda bad.
Here there are only two cars in all the mission, one that the assistant and office elders share and President's car. So for me it's still 100% walking and metro trains and buses.

We are still waiting on a bunch of Ensigns, actually they are Liahonas here. I have been waiting forever to read the Book of Mormon issue and it still hasn't gotten here. I hope they come soon because I want to study the conference talks.
Well, that's about it for the week. We have Zone Conference tomorrow. Wish me luck. I love you all and thank you so much for everything.
Elder K
P.S. I have been craving a pork roast with onions, mashed potatos, and rolls. First thing I am eating when I get back.

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